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A Conservative Approach

We look for properties that will provide an 8% cash on cash return with a 20% average annualized return. We look for B&C properties and B&C areas that have a predictable path of progress with both a value play and a momentum play. We are only interested in properties that produce great cash flow with strong equity on the back end. Our conservative approach ensures there is plenty of opportunity to increase the value of our investments.

How It Works

1) We underwrite and analyze properties and markets

with heavy due diligence.

2) We buy multi-family properties in growing markets.

2) You partner with us as a passive investor.

3) We add value plays, collect rent, and asset manage the property.

4) You get paid! 

Our 3 Keys to Success

1) Strong underwriting and deal analysis.

2) Raising capital and managing client relationships.

3) Great asset managers and operators.

With team players focused on these skill sets we believe we have the three keys to success to put into every deal for our investors. 


How can you get involved?

Since our company is SEC compliant, we follow all of the rules and the regulations set forth by the SEC. Contact us so we can send you the accredited investor form. Once that is signed, dated and sent back, we'll set-up a time to chat about accelerating your financial growth.  

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